Applications & Opportunities

We envision new applications for tracking across clinical specialties

  • Targeting delivery of therapies or biologics
  • Measuring range of motion and tissue shift
  • Increasing fidelity in diagnostic imaging
  • Tracking multiple points along flexible tools and delivery systems
  • Enhancing medical training and simulation
  • Augmenting Robotic Assisted Surgeries


Three Benefit Areas of FreeNav Wireless EM Tracking

User-centric Form Factor

  • Untethered hand-held tools, delivery systems and devices
  • Reduced design trade-offs through eliminating internal wired EM sensors
  • Small form factor drives easier integration of wireless sensors into instrumentation
  • Versatile form factor unlocks new diagnostic and therapeutic areas

Designed for Manufacturability

  • Common EM tracking technology across product portfolios
  • Lower-cost and scalable consumables mean expanded access to under-resourced markets
  • Decreased production costs and complexity
  • Easily sourced materials yield more efficient supply chain

Workflow Simplicity

  • Less setup time and complexity
  • Patented technologies for EM field generation and tag localization lessen effects of both active and passive interference sources
  • Fewer product failure modes
  • Reduction or elimination of procedural fluoroscopy
  • Wireless sensors remove motion limitations
  • Integration with your navigation system display

FreeNav wireless tracking system components are intended for integration into OEM products and therefore have not gone through a regulatory approval process. It is therefore the responsibility of the OEM customer or end-user to determine requirements per specific application and obtain appropriate approvals for its intended use.