The Technology – How it Works

Electromagnetic Tracking Overview

Electromagnetic (EM) Tracking is achieved by creating a field or area within which the position of small EM sensors can be accurately tracked. The position of the EM sensors is sent to a navigation system that integrates the sensor positions with other medical imaging (ultrasound, x-ray, CT, etc.) and navigation systems. The accuracy of surgical navigation can then be enhanced by tracking the movement and position of sensors that have been placed on various instruments and with sensors that are used as anatomic reference points on and within the patient’s body.

FreeNav System Components

FreeNav is creating the first complete and modular wireless EM tracking solution that includes:

EM Field Generator – flexible form factor allows for placement on patient table, chair or other flat surface where it transmits an EM field and sends real-time location and orientation data of sensors within the tracked field area..

Position-tracking Data Interface – processes the position and orientation data from the EM field generator to seamlessly integrate on an existing navigation system.

Tracking Sensors – tiny tags are embedded within or attached to OEM surgical or diagnostic instruments, medical devices, or used as sensors to track the patient’s positioning or specific parts of patient anatomy. Multiple tags can simultaneously be accurately tracked with complete range of motion within the field (6 degrees-of-freedom).

Why 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF)?

  • Precise tracking of clinical instrumentation requires translation of information for both position and orientation of sensors within a space.
  • 6DOF is needed to fully incorporate tracked instruments with 3D patient imaging.
  • Today’s leaders in wired EM sensor technology rely on multiple sensors to calculate 6DOF. FreeNav wireless tags can be measured individually in 6DOF, removing unnecessary calculations and providing a level of miniaturized, wireless tracking never-before possible!

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